Reffay: SMC Thermoset Compression / Composite Compression

An expert in compression moulding for several generations, REFFAY SAS is fully conversant with the techniques for processing SMC thermosets and SMC composites, as well as monitoring industrialised production. It processes a wide variety of materials, in particular certain thermosetting materials such as SMC (composites), requiring a high level of technical expertise.
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Our machinery: 500 T vertical clamping press


Deburring of a composite part

Our "compression moulding" technical processes
Composites / Thermoset (SMC) moulding of parts

Vertical process

Compression presses
with IMC (injected mould compounding) option

The compression moulding method involves pressing the plastic material directly into the imprint of a heated mould.

In the simplest cases, the mould consists of an upper part or punch and a lower part or die. The two parts must fit perfectly together and are attached to the top and bottom platens of a press, which then provides the pressure required for moulding.

Generally, the die imprint reproduces in negative the external shape of the part to be moulded while the punch reproduces its internal shape. So, when the mould is closed, an empty space remains between the imprint and the punch, which will be filled with material to form the moulded part.

A sufficient quantity of material is placed in the die cavity and pressed by means of the punch until the mould is completely closed. The excess material flows across the parting line of the mould, in the form of burrs.

Processed materials



Sheet Molding Compound

The benefits of SMC Thermoset compression

- Overmoulding
- Installation of complex inserts
- Excellent mechanical properties