Our application areas

The experience of our teams and the performance of our machinery meet the needs of customers from demanding sectors.

Railway industry

Our parts comply with standard EN 45545. EN 45545, a mandatory requirement in Europe for all materials used in the manufacture of rail vehicles.

EN45545 is a European railway standard published in 2013 to harmonise the various train management systems, and includes fire and smoke standards. It aims to protect passengers and staff from fires on board rail vehicles.

EN 45 545 concerns manufacturers of rail vehicles, in particular high-speed trains, regional trains, trams, metros and double-decker trains

Fire safety in rail transport is crucial. It is considered from the design stage of the vehicles and associated infrastructure, with the choice of fireproof materials.

Unlike other sectors, such as construction, rail transport fire scenarios are characterised by generally short emergency response times and confined spaces, often involving the exposure of people. Flooring materials, surface covering materials, cables and insulating foams can catch fire, in which case the speed at which train users can evacuate is crucial.

Energy & networks

We work with the main leaders in the energy and network markets, producing a wide range of parts such as enclosures, manholes, circuit breakers, etc

These are historic markets for REFFAY, which we continue to develop on a regular basis. Our long-standing know-how enables us to provide our customers with cutting-edge technical expertise and to respond perfectly to their needs.


Our technical expertise enables us to produce parts with advanced mechanical characteristics. We produce bodywork components for leisure vehicles and mechanical parts for bicycles.

Thanks to our machinery which extends to 800T, we can produce parts weighing almost 3kg.

Street lighting

In the lighting and home automation sector, plastic makes it possible to manufacture practical, aesthetic and made-to-measure solutions at lower cost. It is therefore very often used.

Some examples of plastic parts made for lighting:

  • Protective covers
  • Streetlight housings, floodlights
  • Technical parts


Sealing and insulation products, manufacture of specific tools with overmoulded metal inserts, fastening and attachment systems... plastic parts are omnipresent in the building industry. Pool manufacturers appreciate composite materials for their wide range of resistance coefficients and light weight.

Some examples of plastic parts made for the construction industry:

  • Structural parts for industrial doors
  • Site equipment, electrical boxes and switchgear
  • Swimming pool kit construction elements


We make parts that contribute to the survival of certain animal species.

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