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Our team experience and our machines park performance answer the requirements asked by customers of the most demanding sectors.


Plastics and composite materials, thanks to their strength and lightness, are used to manufacture many parts of the train. They contribute significantly to the improvement of passenger safety and carbon footprint reduction.

Few examples of plastic parts for train activity:

  • Seat structures
  • Breaking chambers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Parts and accessories for railway rolling stock


The expertise area of production for aerospace industry is extensive: from prototype to serial production, from individual component to complete assemblies for the aviation industry.
REFFAY SAS has been able to bring competitive solutions at the cutting edge of technology to important purchasers in the aerospace field.


Plastic parts are within the overall solution composition for renewable energy and the electricity sector products.

Few examples of plastic parts produced for energy:

  • Electrical boxes
  • Boxes of circuit breakers, circuit breakers
  • Disconnectors
  • Cases and brackets for elements

Lightning & Automation

In the sector of light and home automation, the plastic has the advantage of allowing the production of practical solutions, aesthetic and customized, at lower cost. It is therefore often used.

Examples of plastic parts made for lightning:

  • Covers
  • Floor lamp housings, projectors
  • Technical Parts

Building & Swimming-pool

Sealants and insulation products, manufacturing of special tools with metal insert overmolding, fixing system ... Plastic parts are everywhere in the construction industry. Pools manufacturers like plastic and composite materials in particular, for its wide range of resistance values and lightness.

Few examples of plastic parts produced for building:

  • Structural parts for industrial doors
  • Electrical boxes and equipment
  • Pool construction kit elements


REFFAY SAS penetrate a new market : the fitness machine.
It is about a STEPPER which is molding in Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). From production to finition stage, REFFAY SAS manage all the industrialization step : molding, deburring, sticking of elastomer, quality control.

Few examples of plastic parts produced for sportl:

  • “MiniFitness” is a machine devise to practice walking and fitness at home. It replace considerably classics steppers, treadmill and many other fitness machine.  

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