Reffay, expert in plastic solutions

Small company (human scale), flexible and reactive, REFFAY SAS puts its expertise in plastic to your service, with turnkey solutions for transformation, material and composites. From their study to their realization, we industrialized your parts, respecting your specifications.

Industrial know-how and innovation

Founded in 1855, REFFAY is, at the beginning, a manufacturer of coils and wooden bobbin for the textile sector. With the arrival of plastic material in the 50’s, it specializes in plastics and starts international markets. 5 generations of entrepreneurs are changing the business. The 6th is already in place.

Today, REFFAY SAS is specialized in plastics processing know-how, thanks to a double expertise: injection and compression of thermosets and composite / thermoplastic injection.

A trusted partner for your plastic parts and composites in small, average and large production, REFFAY SAS provide you with:

  • Solutions for plastic transformation, adapted in technicality, cost and capacity
  • A large choice of plastic material to transform: thermoplastics, thermosets, composites…
  • A machines park for injection and compression: robotized press, automatic shot blasting…
  • A panel of expert partners: mold makers, tooling design, painting, finishing…
  • Philippe REFFAY, 35 years in the business and Edouard REFFAY, engineer specialized in plastics, accompany you every step
  • A process certified ISO9001.

The production is organized in a 4200m² site, including a clean room. Performance, flexibility, proximity: REFFAY SAS puts 160 years of industry expertise, in your projects.

Some figures representing REFFAY SAS …


creation of the company


site area

2g à 30 Kg

weight of manufactured parts


number of press 50 to 700 tons

550 t

transformed material

A word from our CEO

Diversify our production, processing new materials, incorporating innovative… Thanks to a strong industry expertise, REFFAY has evolved since its creation, to stay as close as possible to the customer needs. Today, with the arrival of my son Edouard, engineer specialized in plastics and representing the 6th generation of Reffay, it is a new page of history that begins.
Our goals: keep moving to offer plastic and composite solutions increasingly efficient, and conserve the values that are the strength of our business.

- Technic expertise in our busines,
- Proximity and availability for our customers,
- Courage and perseverance to go through with our ideas.

For this 160th birthday, I would like to thank all our customers, partners, employees… who trust us and make our company what it is today.

Phillippe REFFAY, CEO

They trust REFFAY SAS…

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