2015 : REFFAY celebrates its 160 years !

With the economic evolutions in France, a few small industrial companies, especially family ones, has the chance to celebrate such a birthday… REFFAY SAS, a specialized in plastics company shares with you the pleasure to blow out 160 candles.
  • 1855Emile REFFAY

    Emile REFFAY – In 1855, Emile REFFAY moved to La Sône (Isère) to produce souvenir articles, wooden spools and spindles. With his activity "wood turning," he created a local clientele, consisting of silkworm and weaving workshops.

  • 1905Louis REFFAY

    Louis REFFAY – In 1905, Louis REFFAY took the company management. The production of natural silk was booming and artificial silk made its appearance just before the war. The plant throve and grew.

  • 1936Paul REFFAY

    Paul REFFAY – Paul Reffay took over his father. Artificial silk and nylon gave a new impetus to the regional textile industry and to REFFAY’s company. The coil production was growing.

  • 1950Maurice REFFAY

    Maurice REFFAY – Under the leadership of Maurice REFFAY, the traditional activity of wooden reels turned into an industrial production bakelite spools and coils of thermosetting plastics. A technologic evolution as well as an international opening.

  • 1993Philippe REFFAY

    Philippe REFFAY – Philippe REFFAY, who represent the 5th generation, specializes the company in the thermoplastics, thermosets and composites transformation. REFFAY SAS tools up in injection and compression to reach the number of 22 press in its machines park in 2014.

  • 2014Edouard REFFAY

    Edouard Reffay – Materials engineer, Edouard REFFAY joins the family company, after several years of training with renowned plastic makers. Along with Philippe, his technical knowledge and project management expertise bring a new impetus to the company.

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