Reffay: experts in thermoset injection moulding

REFFAY SAS has been a thermoset injection moulding company for several generations, and is fully conversant with plastic injection moulding techniques and the monitoring of industrialised production. It processes a wide range of materials, in particular certain thermoset materials that require highly specialised expertise.

Thermoset injection press


Example of parts - thermoset injection moulding

Reffay, thermoset injection moulding experts
Thermosetting injection moulding materials

Horizontal process

Injection moulding machines
Injection / injection & compression

Injection moulding makes it possible to manufacture parts with complex geometries in large series, using a simple operating principle. It is essential to inject the material into the tool while maintaining the initial structure of the plastic (to limit shearing).

Injection moulding machines
Start of cycle / Filling phase (dynamic) / Substitution: filling of the imprint or imprints is complete, the screw can advance no further. Substitution is not a stage, it's a transition. / Pressure maintenance or quasi-static pressure phase / Cooling / End of dosage / Decompression or suction

The injection parameters are: temperature, pressure, stroke, speed and time.

Processed materials

The advantages of thermoset injection moulding

- Good mechanical properties
- Insert fitting (bi-material)
- Resistance to very high temperatures
- Excellent dimensional stability
- Excellent electrical properties
- Raw materials tailored to customer needs