Our commitments

REFFAY SAS is committed to continuous improvement. With ISO 9001 version 2015 certification, the company has a single priority: the satisfaction of all its customers, thanks to controlled manufacturing quality.

Quality commitment

Each project is the subject of an exact definition of the customer's expectations: technical and functional aspects and project monitoring. A process is then established to eliminate, step by step, any risk of defect and to ensure the conformity of the plastic part produced, before it is dispatched.

This quality approach is based on the implementation of quality monitoring plans (cycle time monitoring, injection time, dosing time, etc.), internal tools and numerous controls. It also extends to our suppliers and partners, who undergo careful analysis before being listed on our books and are regularly verified.

In a plastics processing company, quality is everyone's business, and is reinforced on a daily basis.

REFFAY has been ISO 9001 certified since 2002

Environmental commitment

The plastics industry has a significant impact on the environment, particularly in terms of waste production and energy use. REFFAY is aware of this situation and is committed to reducing its impact.

These measures have been awarded the MORE label every year since 2021.

The MORE label ("Mobilized to Recycle") rewards manufacturers who work to support innovation and the circular economy.

It is the first European label to recognise the efforts of plastic processing manufacturers to promote the circular economy.

CSR commitment

ECOVADIS: ECOVADIS certification enables companies to measure their environmental, social and ethical impact, in accordance with CSR principles.

REFFAY is doing its utmost to reduce its impact and was awarded the bronze medal in 2023.

Medal eligibility criteria

Companies must meet the following eligibility criteria to receive an EcoVadis medal:

Social commitment

REFFAY undertakes to comply with all labour laws and regulations applicable in its jurisdiction.

We are committed to respecting social standards in terms of employment, working conditions and human rights.

The implementation of best practices in human resources management is a concrete expression of this commitment:

  • Promoting gender equality.
  • The fight against discrimination
  • Application of an anti-corruption policy.

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