Our two areas of plastic processing

Specialized in plastics for several generations, REFFAY SAS masters perfectly processing techniques and monitoring of industrialized production. We transform a large material panel, especially some thermoset plastic materials (composites), which need a very sharp expertise.

Composite and thermoset material for injection and compression

Horizontal process

Injection Press
Injection/Injection compression

With an experience acquired in the 1960s, thermoset material processing is the heart of REFFAY SAS’ business.

Expert in injection and compression of phenolic powders and composites:
- polyester,
- vynlylester,
- BMC,
- SMC,
- CIC,
our teams will find you the best solutions.

Vertical process

Compression Press
with IMC option (injected mould compounding)

The compression molding method is consisting in directly press the plastic material into the cavity of a heated mold.

In the simplest cases, the mold is composed with an upper part or stamp and a lower part or matrix. Both parties must perfectly match each other and are fixed to the upper and lower plates of a press, which then provides the necessary pressure for molding.

Usually, the matrix cavity reproduces in negative the external shape of the molded piece whereas the stamp reproduces its internal shape. Thus, when the mold is closed, there is a gap between the cavity and the stamp, which will be filled with material to form the molded piece.

The material is in sufficiently filled in the matrix cavity and pressed by the stamp until the complete closure of the mold. The material overflow spreads through the mold parting line, as burrs.

The advantages of thermoset injection

- Good mechanical properties
- Insert Pose
- Resistance to high temperatures
- Excellent dimensional stability
- Excellent electrical properties
- Raw material adapted to customer needs

The advantages of thermoset compression

- Overmoulding
- Poses of complex inserts
- Excellent mechanical properties

Transformed Materials


Bulk Molding Compound


Continues Impregnated Compound

Phenolic powders


Sheet Molding Compound

Thermoplastic material for injection

Vertical process

Injection Press
Vertical clamping unit / horizontal injection unit

REFFAY SAS has a vertical closing press allowing to manufacture multi-component parts. It also makes possible the overmolding of metal inserts as well as RFID chips, advanced technology. The choice of process and high precision requirements result in a perfect continuity of forms and materials.

Horizontal process

Injection Press
Injection/Injection & compression

The injection allows the manufacturing of complex geometry parts in large series, following a simple operating principle. It is essential to inject the material in the tool, retaining the initial structure of the plastic material (to limit shearing). Here are the different steps:
- Beginning of the cycle
- Filling phase (dynamic)
- Switching: filling the cavity or cavities is complete, the screw cannot move forward. Switching is not a step, it is a transition.
- Pressure holding phase or quasi-static phase
- Cooling
- End of dosing
- Relieve of the pressure or suction

The injection parameters are: temperature, pressure, running, speed and time.

The advantages of thermoset compression

- Thin walls: possibility of molding parts with a very small wall thickness
- Very high production rate: suitable for large series
- Finished parts molding: no need for retaking times, optimized production time

Matières transformées


Natural polyamide or glass fibre made




Thermoplastic Polyurethane


Acrylonitrile Butadiène Styrène


Polybutylene terephthalate


Polyphénylène Sulfide